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HughesNet Fusion combines satellite technology and wireless technology to deliver a high-speed, low latency more responsieve and more reliable high-speed Internet connection.  HughesNet Fusion allows home office's, businesses with business Internet needs, working remotely and more benefit from this more responsive reliable technology.


What is latency? Latency in terms of Internet is the time it takes for your Internet signal to go from your computer to your Internet service provider's server and then and back again, sometimes referred to as delay or lag.  Most of the time issues with your Internet connection are associated with the speed and not with lag, delay or high latency.  The HughesNet Jupiter satellite is 22,300 miles in space.  There and back is a long trip!  With HughesNet's team of experts and long history and experience in the industry they are able to get that total time to go to the satellite and back down to around 6/10 of a second.


Well, how much is 6/10 of a second and how will it impact what you do online?  There is not really much you can do in 6/10 of a second.  You might be able to send a signal from your brain to your body such as to your finger to point or to your eyelid to wink or to your mouth to smile but it's likely that the action may not even start within such a split second.  For example your finger may receive the command in that time but before it can move - times up!  Your Internet connection works the same way - you press or click a button online and boom, you see a confirmation: "your email has been sent!"  Now if you see any kind of spinning wheel and have to wait and wait for it to stop spinning, stop reading this and call us now!  If you want to age more than you have to, Your finger yet that fraction of a second or if it starts won't finish.You don't notice the delay unless you are doing certain types of online gaming frequently or connecting on a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which mainly is for people that work from home and need to connect to a secure network.  Frequent video conferencing can also be affected.  If you aren't doing any of these three things, you're good.  The normal Hughes satellite only Internet will work fine for you and you should't need the new HughesNet Fusion.  HughesNet Fusion lowers the latency associated with satellite only Internet.  The combined satellite and wireless technology in HughesNet Fusion also results in increased reliability.  Weather and other things can affect both satellite Internet and wireless Internet, but because HughesNet Fusion is "multi-path" and uses 2 types of Internet connections, if one is affected, it uses more of the other.



Satellite internet and hughesnet fusion provide a more responsive reliable internet experience


The other solution to the latency issues of satellite Internet is to use LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites which are lower lying satellites.  Starlink headed by Elon Musk and SpaceX is attempting to do this but for this technology to work you need thousands of satellites to cover a large area such as the United States.  With so many moving parts and such a new technology, LEO satellite Internet is still in the testing phase.  Starlink LEO satellite Internet is facing challenges as customer's speeds have decreased as more people sign up.  They have had to change their terms of service because of this and current customers that paid the $599 startup hardware equipement fee + taxes & shipping feees are not happy.  The FCC overturned an awarded grant for broadband assitance to Starlink and denied their application because the FCC doubts that Starlink can meet the grant's required speeds.


The combination of wireless and satellite technology as in HughesNet Fusion is an example of multi-path technology.  This concept has been around for long time.  Lot's of businesses use this type of technology for their business Internet to increase the reliability and mostly in part to protect data loss in case their Internet connection goes down or loses performance.  Think of it as back-up Internet service.  If one goes, you have the other.  HughesNet's long history and experience combined with advanced wireless technology make HughesNet Fusion a more reliable choice than Starlink or LEO satellite Internet.


HughesNet Fusion is not available everywhere but HughesNet satellite Internet only is available from coast to coast in the United States.  Almost anyone in the continental United States can get HughesNet's 25 Mbps satellite Internet only speeds at long as they have a clear view to the southern to southwestern sky.  Current Hughes satellite only customers can upgrade to HughesNet Fusion, if available, and are sent the additional equipment if they choose to upgrade.  To see if HughesNet Fusion is available in your area visit our request a quote page to contact a HughesNet Fusion Internet advisor.



HughesNet Fusion is exploading and businesses and residences are taking advantage of this exciting multi-path technology now offered by HughesNet.


Fusion provides home offices and businesses consistent reliable high-speed internet


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