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HughesNet Internet for seniors gives senior citizens the reliable Internet that they need.  No calling to tech support or customer service.  No waiting on hold for 20 to 30 minutes or more.  No slow wheel spinning waiting for something to happen.  No outages or interruptions.  Can we give some appreciation to our elders?  Can we embrace them?  Remember if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here.  Let your gaurdian, parent, aunt, cousin, or anyone you know that is in their golden years about the HughesNet Affordable Connectivity senior program.



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This program is The Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP Program.  Communicate with your loved one, give them the ease of communicating with you and the rest of your family.  There is so much that can be done online now without physically having to go do it.  Groceries, renewing your drivers license, doing your taxes, Medicaid, Snap or disability statements online, communicating with docters and hospitals, ordering perscriptions, vitamins, clothes, cleaning supplies and a million more things.



The HughesNet Affordable Connectivity Program can reduce Internet payments for seniors to as little as $34.98/mo!  That's almost free!  But this program won't be around forever.  Well, maybe.  The ACP program is so great, that it's possible that they will extend it even longer, but for now, it has been deemed a long term program with a budget of $14.2 billion dollars.  So, for now, it's not ending any time soon.  But act now to take advantage of the benefits.  For seniors, or households on Snap, Medicaid or Low Income every little bit helps.


It's time for our elders to enjoy, reflect and relax and communicate easily with family, friends, doctors and much more.  Senior shouldn't be dealing with Internet related issues such as the Internet cutting off and on, technical issues, calling tech support and customer service, having to power their modem off and on, etc.  These are things seniors should not need to be doing.  They should be resting, convening with family and friends or relaxing.


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Seniors switch over to HughesNet GEN5 Internet every day.  The most common reason that seniors switch is that they have been putting up with stressful unreliable, slow or expensive Internet for too long and they, or more commonly, a member of their family helps them and calls HughesNet.  It's usually their son or daughter.  Every week I talk to a son or daughter that helps their mother or father switch from their current provider over to HughesNet. 


Yesterday I signed up an elderly customer that orders their perscriptions online and gets important documents for Medicaid, social security and filing taxes online.  Senior citizens rely on high-speed Internet in many ways.  Comnunicating with doctors and hospitals, scheduling appointments and follow ups, consultations over the Internet through applications such as Skype or Zoom that do not require them to physically come in for a face-to-face appointment.


Some senior citizens don't drive anymore.  So they need high-speed Internet to do the things that they would normally do if they could drive.  Grocery shopping, buying clothes, ordering household cleaning supplies, ordering meals, renewing their driver's license, video chatting with family and friends, ordering stuff on Ebay, Christmas shopping, looking for a plumber online to come fix their leaky faucet, etc.  Even if they can drive, eliminating the cost of gas, hassle of traffic, their time or the risk of an accident by using high-speed Internet through HughesNet to do those things makes everything easier.    


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HughesNet Internet for senior citizens provides seniors with 24/7 customer service and technical support.  I very rarely get calls from customers with issues.  The reliability gives seniors less stress than they would normally have to deal with from other providers.  Get Internet for seniors from HughesNet and take the stress out of unreliable or expensive Internet service.


The 2nd most important thing, if not the most important for Internet for seniors is the cost.  HughesNet Internet for seniors is affordable Internet that allows seniors that may be on a fixed income to save money and put that extra money back in their pocket.  I had trouble getting a customer off of the phone the other day because she was so happy and relieved that she was saving so much money.  Expenses come up these days and every little bit helps


Homes on low income, Snap, Medicaid, a fixed income, Lifeline or other assistance programs may qualify for discount Internet through HughesNet and The Affordable Connectivity Program.  Helping households afford the broadband that they need for things like work, school, healthcare and more.  Low cost Internet can be hard to find especially if there are not a lot of options for high-speed Internet in your area.  See if you qualify for low cost affordable Internet through HughesNet today.


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