Type body of post here, do not repeat title, do not make it too long, and not too intellectual.  You can insert images in this box, but always use a featured image as well.  Use selections above to format, such as font size, etc,

Set up Tags (in dashboard, under posts), and pick specific tags for the post.  If you type the first two letters, in will show all applicable.   Do NOT use all tags on all posts, make sure tags accurately reflect content.  Do NOT use tags to all states for one post.  As an example:  Address a post to Western Oregon, and then use tags for WA, OR, ID, CA, but not NY, AL, FL.  Google will recognize that and “skip” your post, it counts against your search profile.  If you make another post for other states, make then different in content, otherwise that is also a negative with Google.

Categories are generic at a higher level than tags.  In this example I made rural areas a category.

Set featured image on right , end of column,  The right column give editing options, you can exclude it from search (which I did for this post) and decided if social media icons appear.